Use our services to:

  • Level 1: Acquire outcrops and visualize 3D digital geological objects within an immersive environment

  • Level 2: Level 1 + Get access to advanced characterization and geological interpretation

  • Level 3: Level 2 + Get access to statistics to feed your geomodel


Level 1: SmartAnalog Exploration

To explore an object in an immersive environment

What we provide:

  • A digital outcrop

  • A 3D player to dive inside the outcrop

  • A flyer to summarize the main features of the outcrop and the corresponding plays

Level 1-1   SmartAnalog visualization (10m)   Level1-3


Level 2: SmartAnalog Interpretation

To understand the outcrop architecture (sedimentology / facies, bodies, barriers, faults / fractures

What we provide:

  • Level 1 outputs

  • Field data (logs, facies detailed pictures) in digital formats

    A 3D editor to dive inside the outcrop and interpret the outcrop (picking, facies painting, surface picking, …)

  • A detailed report describing the outcrop and geological interpretation

Level2-1  Level2-4  Level2-2


Level 3: SmartAnalog Quantification

To move from outcrop to reservoir model

What we provide:

  • Level 1 and 2 outputs

  • A set of quantified and digitalized parameters (proportion curves, matrices of proportion, X-plots and spatial correlations)

  • A detailed report

Level3-1  Level3-2  Level3-3